YU Law Forum

Role of Law in Achieving the Goals of Vision 2030

March 1st – 2nd, 2020, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


The YU Law Forum revolves around the role of law in achieving the goals of KSA Vision 2030. The forum discusses the most prominent legal developments that KSA has witnessed, which will be presented and discussed by expert panelists and legal specialists from related government institutions, lawyers, advisors and academics in the field of law and Shariah. The Forum program features keynote speeches, panel discussions and presentations on the latest developments in various legal fields at the national and international levels; especially in the areas of instating and developing legislations related to business development, enhancing investment-friendly environments, encouraging the integration of technology and copyright protection. In addition to exploring mechanisms for enhancing the abilities of legal and judicial professionals, the forum also addresses the obstacles and challenges that face legal work, ways to overcome them and how to utilize comparative laws in this area.

Topics of the papers featured at the YU Law Forum include but are not limited to:

Law and copyright protection

  • Development of copyright protection regulations in light of Vision 2030
  • Legal problems and solutions for online publication
  • Enhancing international copyright protection
  • Criminal protection for patents
  • Commercial brands and their legal protection

 Law and its role in creating an investment-friendly environment:

  • Investment opportunities: problems and solutions
  • Regulations and legislation for enhancing investment in light of KSA Vision 2030
  • Contribution of Investment regulations in transferring and nationalizing technology
  • Remarks on the Foreign Investment System
  • Legal catalysts for foreign investment

Law and E-Commerce:

  • E-Commerce contracts
  • E-Commerce: problems and solutions
  • E-Commerce and copyright protection
  • Legislation of e-commerce
  • Procedures for setting up online stores

Law and Consumer Protection:

  • Consumer protection legislation in KSA and development prospects
  • Legal and legislative efforts for combating commercial fraud
  • Protecting consumers from commercial misinformation
  • Need for issuing a consumer protection system
  • International experiences in combatting commercial fraud

Law and Countering Economic Crimes:

  • Introducing economic crime, their development and economic and social
  • Role of Law in combatting economic crime
  • Economic crime legislative combat in KSA and its efficacy
  • Roles of legislation in combatting economic crime
  • Successful experiments in economic crime combat internationally

Law, Arbitration and Mediation:

  • Global directions in arbitration
  • Role of Arbitration in dispute settlement
  • Authenticity and appeal of arbitration rulings
  • Arbitration and its role in business and investment
  • Mediation as a medium of facilitating negotiations among parties

Email: YULAW2020@yu.edu.sa

Important Dates:

Deadline for paper submission: 5/02/2020

Notification of Paper Acceptance: 16/2/2020

Papers Ready for Publication: 23/2/2020


Chair of Organizing Committee:

Prof. Dr. Hussam Ramadan

Chair of Scientific Committee:

Dr. AbdulAziz Al Hamoudi


The YU Law Forum will be held at Al Yamamah University, located in the north of Riyadh, the Capital and KSA’s largest city with a population of 6 million people. Riyadh enjoys fast-pace growth in all sectors, such as education, technology and business.

Accepted papers will be published and Indexed at the King Fahad National Library.