Research Topics

Topics of the papers featured at the YU Law Forum include but are not limited to:

Law and copyright protection

  • Development of copyright protection regulations in light of Vision 2030
  • Legal problems and solutions for online publication
  • Enhancing international copyright protection
  • Criminal protection for patents
  • Commercial brands and their legal protection


 Law and its role in creating an investment-friendly environment:

  • Investment opportunities: problems and solutions
  • Regulations and legislation for enhancing investment in light of KSA Vision 2030
  • Contribution of Investment regulations in transferring and nationalizing technology
  • Remarks on the Foreign Investment System
  • Legal catalysts for foreign investment

Law and E-Commerce:

  • E-Commerce contracts
  • E-Commerce: problems and solutions
  • E-Commerce and copyright protection
  • Legislation of e-commerce
  • Procedures for setting up online stores

Law and Consumer Protection:

  • Consumer protection legislation in KSA and development prospects
  • Legal and legislative efforts for combating commercial fraud
  • Protecting consumers from commercial misinformation
  • Need for issuing a consumer protection system
  • International experiences in combatting commercial fraud

Law and Countering Economic Crimes:

  • Introducing economic crime, their development and economic and social
  • Role of Law in combatting economic crime
  • Economic crime legislative combat in KSA and its efficacy
  • Roles of legislation in combatting economic crime
  • Successful experiments in economic crime combat internationally


Law, Arbitration and Mediation:

  • Global directions in arbitration
  • Role of Arbitration in dispute settlement
  • Authenticity and appeal of arbitration rulings
  • Arbitration and its role in business and investment
  • Mediation as a medium of facilitating negotiations among parties